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Quarantine Life

I have been so jealous of the people I see on social media in the U.S. running around doing all the things and seeing all the people. Meanwhile, quarantine life continues here in Mexico since COVID keeps raging on. We are about 4 weeks behind the U.S. and next week Mexico is expected to hit… Continue reading Quarantine Life


That Time We Were Farmers

I knew I wanted this housesit from the first time I saw it. I applied for it in August even though I wasn’t sure what our exact plans would be in November. I just knew it would be awesome. An off the grid, organic permaculture farm. How cool is that??? Sure I don’t know anything… Continue reading That Time We Were Farmers

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La Tortuga

How did we end up with a 1984 Class C RV? We weren’t RV people. That lifestyle has never called to either of us, I don’t get the appeal. Most of the private campgrounds are just glorified parking lots so the lifestyle doesn’t really do it for me. But after traveling all around the country… Continue reading La Tortuga

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You can’t see the forest for the trees. That saying comes to mind when I reflect about the months I spent wandering through the Western U.S. with the boys. What a special time we had together. However, it’s so hard to enjoy it fully when you’re in the thick of it. I never planned to… Continue reading Settled


How to Get Started Housesitting with Kids

We have been housesitting on our adventures lately and since I have had several people ask me how to get started with family housesitting so I thought I’d share my experience housesitting with kids. What is housesitting? When I was a kid, neighbors used to ask me to watch their pets when they went out… Continue reading How to Get Started Housesitting with Kids

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Journey to Texas

So, the trip to Texas didn’t go quite the way I had envisioned. In my mind, we would have camped every other night and stayed in a hotel every other night it was supposed to be the perfect mix of camping and enjoying the comforts of a hotel. After the Oregon house sit, we began… Continue reading Journey to Texas


Jovani’s First Blog Post

Introducing Coddiwomple’s first guest post. Jovani writes to tell our readers all about our Oregon housesitting experience from his perspective. Be sure to leave a comment here or on Facebook so that Jovani can hear what you all think about his experience. Here in Oregon since we have traveled from Washington to Oregon we have… Continue reading Jovani’s First Blog Post

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Back to Civilization

What a difference a few hundred thousand people make! Washington seems so civilized after the rugged wilderness of Alaska. Everything is so neat and orderly; even the forests don’t seem as wild. I had forgotten how pretty it is here in northwest Washington. It’s not stunning or dramatic, but quietly pretty. The towns are cute,… Continue reading Back to Civilization

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Washington Again

Well, we did it again. We made the looooong journey back to Washington from Alaska. We took the Alaska highway which was not my first choice, nor my second. But sometimes you gotta go with plan C. Despite my misgivings, it went well. Again we were inspired by the jaw-dropping beauty of the drive. We… Continue reading Washington Again

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It has taken me a while to write a post about Seward. Sure, I’ve been busy, but I think the real reason is I just don’t know what to say. I truly don’t know how to explain how amazing this place is without sounding corny. So here is my corny love letter to Seward. This… Continue reading Seward