Camping · Education · U.S.

Edisto Island

From Augusta we traveled to Edisto Island outside of Charleston SC.  The little boys enjoyed some beach time playing in the sand and waves while the big boy and I took a walk. We discovered an interesting type of large, rainbow colored clam shell then looked around and found many more. Then we found one that had the mollusk still inside. We had a good time trying to pry it open, and went back to get the knife. All the boys enjoyed discovering the gooey wonder inside. It was a lovely world schooling moment where the children were engaged and delighted by nature.

After the beach we headed back to the state park where we camped for the night. The campground was beautiful with majestic oak trees and dwarf palmettos, however it was infested with mosquitoes.  As soon as the sun went down the boys and I sought the refuge of the tent. We slept with the rainfly off and I enjoyed a sleepless night under the stars. The next morning we hiked as far as we could before losing the battle of the mosquitoes.  We decided then to pack it in and hit the road again.


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