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The morning began with Jovani insisting that I get up and help him set up the golf ball stand. He was at it again early, although not as early as he would have liked.  He’s learned a lot about business in the past couple of days- what kind of products golfers will buy, paying back a start up loan, reinvesting some profits, and that having a golf course in your backyard is way more profitable than selling lemonade on our old street. My favorite thing though, is that he works just long enough to make a bit of money and then he’s over it and ready to play again.


Today the boys got to take a boat ride, it was a bit choppy so we kept it short. I can’t say enough how amazing the location is here. We just anchored the boat in front of the ‘secret beach’ down the street from the house and walked home. That way we can have easy access to it later.


Jovani and I have been able to keep up with some school so far, and after some reading and a nap (for me) we got to pack up the truck and drive to Assateague Island for a bonfire and a cookout.

Assateague is a beautiful island not too far away (again, their location here is amazing) with wild horses.  It’s a national seashore and has a state park. I didn’t get any pictures this time of the horses, but I got loads more of the kids including the best picture I’ve taken of Joaquin in a really long time. The sunset was beautiful as was the star filled sky, it was a truly great evening.







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