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Bethany Beach

On Friday Jovani continued the long standing entrepreneurial tradition of selling snacks and golf balls on the golf course.  It’s not a bad gig. At this rate he’ll have plenty of money to put himself and his brothers through college. That’s if he doesn’t blow it all at Candy Kitchen first.


After he closed up shop for the day we set off for Delaware.  Bethany Beach was all that I remembered minus the huge summer crowds. The temperature was warm, but nowhere close to Texas hot. After watching the boys play a bit, the big boy even persuaded me to get in the water with him. I had a great time attempting to boogey board while providing entertainment to those around me. Israel even got a couple of good videos of my epic failure.


Despite the exhausting day at the beach us grown-ups mustered the energy to put our party clothes on and head to Seacrets. Seacrets is The Bar in Ocean city. I spent my 21st birthday there. You can’t come to this area and miss it. Beth and I went home pretty tired, but once again Mike and Israel found the energy to party on at the neighbor’s house without us. I think they made it in at 3. I’m beginning to notice a trend with these two.


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