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The weather here is so amazing! Yesterday I finally bought the plane tickets to South America. I have trouble making decisions and there were so many factors to consider with that one. Hopefully I chose well. So now it’s official: October 4th we’re flying to Bogota.  It’s good to have a date, that makes planning everything a bit easier on this U.S. trip. So far, we’ve just been meandering along the east coast trying to see anything interesting  between Houston and Beth’s. Now hopefully I’ll come up with a plan for the way back to Houston before our flight.

Jovani set up shop again in the morning and after some lunch Beth and I took the boys to Rehoboth which is about an hour away. Beth got to experience the joy of an hour long car ride with all 3 boys in the same row in the back seat. I’m not sure she’ll want to ride with us anywhere ever again.

Rehoboth was fun, and how could it not be with a place called Funland on the boardwalk? It was an assault on all the senses that’s for sure, but the kids had a great time there. The best part was, Jovani found a new way to spend his golf ball earnings that won’t rot his teeth.

The town and the rest of the boardwalk were much more enjoyable to me as was the magnificent sunset that seemed to never end on the way home.


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