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Yesterday we toured Annapolis.  It’s really cool that all the cities up here are so close together. Its such a change from Houston where you can drive for 2 hours and still be in the same city. Annapolis is a cute little city with lots of old buildings and it happens to be the sailing capital of the country.  We enjoyed looking at all the boats and walking around the historic part of the city.  The boys even got to see a drawbridge in action.

When we got home Jovani got to go fishing. He caught a bunch of little spot fish. This morning he got to go out again and he ended up fishing all day.

Judah and I don’t have as much patience for fishing, so after a couple of hours Israel dropped us off at secret beach and he played a bit with a bucket he found there.

While Jovani was fishing Joaquin got to go parasailing. He had done it before in Mexico and loved it. It looks like he loved it here too.  Its great to see a smile on his face.

The weather here is still in the 70’s and fabulous, although the little boys think it’s a bit cold. Jovani had to eat inside instead of on the patio because he was freezing with the light breeze. It will be interesting to see how they fair in the Andes!


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