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I love how travel takes you not only to new places, but new ideas. You get to see different perspectives, meet new people, and see other ways of life. That’s really the whole point of this trip. I want our boys to see that there is not just one way to life this life. Our choices are infinite.

We stayed for two days and nights Alexandria, Virginia with a totally awesome and inspiring travel family whom we met when they were finishing up their year long overland adventure through Mexico and Central America. The Eichlers were gracious hosts and Rebecca even took the time on Friday to give us the Grand Tour of D.C. We enjoyed the tour, but even more we loved the kind of dreamy, inspiring conversations you can only share with other travelers.

We got to see lots of great sites, the White House, Washington Monument, a few Smithsonian museums, and the International Spy Museum. There was loads more that we didn’t see, but you can only do so much in two days especially with small children in tow.

The little kids did great walking all over and seeing places that they didn’t much care about or quite understand. Judah was perhaps our most enthusiastic museum-goer. He wanted explanations for each exhibit, to watch each video, and to participate in every interactive display. We’ll definitely have to come back when the little boys are a little older.


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