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St. Louis

Our second to last stop in the U.S. was in St. Louis to visit our good friends that moved there earlier this summer.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to see them and tour the city. We stayed there four nights and three days. This gave us the opportunity to slow down and feel settled for a bit while enjoying time with people we really love.

St. Louis is another place that I have never really wanted to see, but it surprised me with beautiful scenery, cool activities, and really nice parks. It’s an area that has rolling hills and lots of creeks that run into the Mississippi.

The first day we were there we went for a short hike through a sculpture garden park. There were some nice sculptures for the adults to enjoy while the kids got to enjoy stomping through creeks and climbing all around. This is the best way I’ve seen for the entire family to really enjoy art together.

The next day we decided to let the little ones take a nap while the big kids just played outside in the cul-de-sac  on an assortment of riding toys. It was a great way to enjoy the cold front that brought the fall weather.  We then met Steven for dinner followed by an evening jaunt at a park that would have been really cool to see in the daylight, but our kids don’t need daylight to have fun at a playground!

Yesterday we went to City Museum, the coolest museum I’ve ever been to.  If you are ever anywhere near St. Louis it is a must see. It’s like an art museum that you can climb all over. There are tunnels and slides, a ferris wheel, caves underneath the building where you can climb up to a ten story slide, there’s even a plane. There’s an arts and crafts area where Judah made more than 12 paintings, Jovani made a mosaic tile, and I sat with the girls and helped them make dolls.  (Who says I couldn’t be a girl mom?) There was a magician and Judah got to be a helper. There was a ball pit right at the entrance that the kids played in for at least an hour at the end of our day.

The whole museum is a work in progress and you can stop and watch and talk to the artists. This place is truly amazing. Everyone should see it.