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Home again. We arrived in Houston fully planning to briefly visit our friends at the final going away party of the year of going away parties. Just an hour or two we said, since there was so much to do in preparation for our big trip. Well, my friends are bad influences and I’m susceptible to peer pressure, so we ended up just spending the night there. I’m so glad we did! It was a fabulous last hoorah with some of my favorite people.


Judah’s birthday was Monday so we had a small party at a park on Sunday afternoon. He’s so happy to be 4!


Monday was the big day of packing.  We went from 2500 square feet to a 25 square foot storage closet and a van. Now for the next 6 months or so we’re down to 7 backpacks.

Today the little boys got to fly on a plane for the first time. I tried to fully explain the process of modern air travel, basically that it’s just a series of waiting in lines. The were a bit antsy, but not too bad. Finally the big moment arrived. Then, there were mechanical issues and we had to deboard. They were so good, they just went with the flow. I think the last month of travel has really helped with that. Finally after 20 more minutes or so we got back on board and took off!

I’m a nervous flier and I have to say that no amount of prescription drugs could have eased my mind like watching the pure joy that comes from the children’s amazement with their first plane ride. It also helps me knowing that we’re finally living out our dream. Tomorrow the real adventure begins.


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