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After Bogota we were looking for some fresh air and space for the kids to play. I found that once again through AirBnB. This place is 30 minutes from the Quito airport and is exactly as it looked in the pictures online.  It’s a little house on about 2 acres with two bedrooms, separate kitchen, a gameroom, trampoline, playhouse, little soccer field, dozens of blooming fruit and avocado trees, chickens, guinea pigs, and most importantly, a beautiful and modern bathroom!  The kids have enjoyed jumping, climbing, swimming in the jacuzzi tub, and of course, chasing chickens. It’s  been wonderful to have this whole place to ourselves for the past 4 days.


The nearest town is about 20 minutes away via bus and is quite charming with a mercado, a picturesque church, and typical small town atmosphere. Its like being back in Mexico, but with a twist. There are an amazing variety of delicious fruits, some of which I have never seen. The most surreal part of this country is the fact that they use the U.S. dollar as the currency. We are high up in the mountains,  Quito is 2850 meters above sea level whereas Bogota was 2600. Mexico is quite mountainous, but these mountains are different; more dramatic, in short: spectacular.  The air here is crisp and clear. The weather has ranged from the low 50’s at night to the low 70’s during the day, the mornings have been bright and sunny and we have had rain showers roll in every afternoon.

Jovani got bit by something in Bogota and developed an itchy rash. On Sunday we saw the rash grow. Monday we were traveling, but asked a local pharmacist if there was something we could put on it. Tuesday he woke up with the rash worse, I found the benadryl and gave him some. It helped a little but we were a bit worried that it wasn’t going away.  So, Wednesday morning I texted our host to ask if she knew a pediatrician in Quito. As luck would have it, she is a pediatrician in Quito.  She told us she could squeeze him in whenever we could make it. The caretaker of the property helped us navigate the two hour trek into the city. Once there, she examined him, gave him acupuncture  (she’s also an acupuncturist), and sent him to the lab to get his blood tested. She gave him a cream and antibiotics.  After receiving the results of the blood test the next day, Dra. Lorena was concerned so she recommended a dermatologist in Quito. Yesterday we made the now familiar trek to Quito via 2 buses and a taxi. The dermatologist said he had an allergic reaction to the bites which have become infected.  She prescribed him a stronger antibiotic and another cream. He’s fine except for the rash, no fever, and plays normally. Jovani has been a real trooper. He has a serious phobia of doctors and was extremely worried about each appointment. He is doing well, but we have a battle about taking medication 4 times a day now. Today we’re moving to Quito for a week to stay closer to the doctor, just in case. We have a follow up appointment with the dermatologist on Friday. If you’re curious,  the 2 dr appointments, blood test, and 4 medications have cost us about  $120.

We’ll miss having all this space, but I’m looking forward to getting to know the city more than just doctors offices. We’ll be able to see the sights if Quito and the surrounding areas. From what we’ve seen, it’s cleaner and prettier than Bogota and the food has been great.



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