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Quito at night

We had a lazy morning around the house. Judah took another long nap, Jovani and I did some school, and Israel and I planned the next leg of our journey.

After nap time we had lunch and walked back to the park that we went to the previous day. We were just killing time waiting until dark.

The city is having a light show this week projected on some historic buildings throughout downtown. There are numerous streets closed to traffic and getting in and out of the area via taxi was a pain. Once we got downtown we saw why. The area was jam packed full of people there to enjoy the lights.

We hate crowds, but sometimes crowded places are worth the effort. That was the case this time. The lights were spectacular.  The shows were designed with the nooks and crannies of the buildings in mind and gave an overview in lights of  the big bang, the indigenous culture, the Spanish conquest, and up to modern times. The pictures on my phone do no justice to the impressive display. I was thrilled to be in the old town at night. We all really enjoyed the show, except of course Joaquin who is physically unable to enjoy anything.


2 thoughts on “Quito at night

  1. I feel your pain re: Joaquin. If it helps, M sometimes participates in reminiscing about our trip and in her teen mind, it may even have been a good thing. I’m impressed that you even have pictures of him.


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