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Santa Marianita

Santa Marianita is a village so small that I couldn’t even find it on Google maps.  It’s about 20 minutes south of Manta. One of these days I’m going to figure out how to post a map of all the places we’ve been so that it’s easier to picture.
We’re only a couple hours down the coast from Canoa, but instead of the lush, green tropical setting, the climate is much more arid. We’re staying in a hostel on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean. At the moment it’s very quiet, just us, the other volunteers, the hostal owner and his family.
It’s just a couple of minutes down a steep hill to the beach. We have been going down to the beach at low tide to explore the tide pools. It’s too cold and windy for swimming, but we have a great time walking the beach. The boys love chasing crabs, looking for sea urchins, sea snails and anything else they can find. Jovani’s big find yesterday was a little cave.


This beach is known for the kitesurfing and there are people that come from all over the world to kitesurf here. The wind really starts picking up in the afternoon and you can see eight or ten kitesurfers all over the water. The owner of the hostal is a kitesurfing teacher, so we may get Jovani a lesson while we’re here.

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