Ecuador · Travel

The Swim Classes

We’re in this tiny spec of a place for about two weeks to do a Workaway. It is probably the easiest workaway ever since we’re teaching swimming. There are five students per class and we are only teaching one hour long class a day. The ages range from 8 years old all the way up to adults. There are three classes that come twice a week so we teach 6 classes a week.
Although this is a fishing community, almost no one here knows how to swim. This blows my mind, I can’t imagine working each day on a little tiny boat way out on the ocean knowing that if you fall overboard it’s almost certain death!
We got here a couple of days before the other volunteers left to get to know the kids and the routine.  The children meet us here at the hostal at 3:00 and we all walk down the beach together to the hotel which lets us use their pool at a discounted rate. Then the kids jump in and we begin. The 3 classes are at different levels, so they’re all working on different skills. We then walk the kids back along the road and they head home. They are a curious and fun group of children. They have all kinds of questions especially about Jovani and Judah who sometimes come with us to watch. All the kids are older than Jovani, but they are so tiny that he is bigger than many of them. I hope to get him in the water, so that they can see another kid swimming properly.
I have never taught such a beginning level of students from the deck before, but that is how they have been doing it. I may end up getting in with them occasionally, but it is COLD! By the time we get to the pool the wind is really blowing and the temperature is about 75. We’ll definitely have to get in at some point this week. The hotel informed us that it will be full this week due to a holiday, so we will have to teach class in the ocean. That will be another first. I’m thrilled to be teaching again. I always love the beginning of a new class, it’s a fun challenge to see how far I can take the kids in the time I have.

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