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Goodbye Vilcabamba

Today was our last day in Vilcabamba. We didn’t do a whole lot while we were here, but we really enjoyed the place. We enjoyed meandering walks into town, playing in the river, eating real sushi, lazy school days in the hammocks, and playing card games in the evenings. Despite the perpetual smell of incense, we love the small town feel, the variety of fresh, healthy food available, the rivers and mountains all around, and the general vibe of the town. It seems like all the homesteading, unschooling hippies got together and decided to take over this valley. I feel like such a square here. I don’t have dredlocks, or a special pouch of essential oils, and I’m not vegan. That being said, this probably not the exact place I want us to settle, but I love just knowing that this place exists.
Our Airbnb was one of my favorites so far, our hosts were so kind and welcoming and they kept their place so clean. I really enjoyed getting to know them, they were a lovely couple that share much of the same philosophies that we do.  I feel a kinship with many of the expats I meet here, when I tell people our plans, they all get it, there’s no crazy looks, or barrage of questions, or having to explain yet again how I educate my kids. Everyone is here for similar reasons.
Letting the boys roam free on the farm was wonderful. They learned that the donkeys favorite food is banana peels, that goats sound like whiny children, they fed the enormous pig, discovered numerous new creatures, and fell in love with the cats. We enjoyed the community feel of the farm and befriended the backpackers and overlanders that were passing through. I love hearing about other travelers adventures and learning about new places to put on our bucket list. The kids loved ‘helping’ their new friends cook, playing games, and reading stories with them.  Lazy afternoons lounging in the hammocks as the rain pounded on the metal patio roof were good for the soul.
We have one more country stay scheduled for a couple of weeks on a nature preserve outside Loja, a city just an hour away from here. Hopefully we’ll enjoy it as much as this place. Everything after that is a big question mark.

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