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Jovani’s Epic Adventure

We passed an adventure park on the way home every day during our stay in Baños. Jovani kept telling me that he wanted to stop and watch the people doing the zip line. We finally stopped one day to watch, and of course he asked if he could do it. I looked at it and nodded my head and say we’ll check. A few days past and finally I had to make good on my word. So during Judah’s nap time one day we walked down the hill to talk to the company. To my surprise, they said he could do it. This is not a little zip line that you find at the playground. It is 850m long and crosses a canyon cut by a raging river below. After the surviving the death defying zip line ride, he crosses a rickety ‘Tibetan’ bridge over the river, then scales a 90m cliff, and rides another zip line back across the river. I was comforted by the fact that he would have his own personal guide assisting him on this perilous adventure.

New Year’s day came, the day for him to embark on his special excursion, then Joaquin, Judah, and I all got sick. Not a cold sick, the yucky kind where we were regretting being on the third floor when the bathroom was on the first! I sadly explained to Jovani that there was no way I could take him. I let him know we would stay an extra day in Baños and try again tomorrow.

Thankfully, and miraculously, Jovani didn’t get whatever it was that we had and was able to have his special day. He was soooooo excited. I thought he might have some reservations once we stepped up to the cliff, but he didn’t bat an eye. I, however, completely rethought the whole thing! Once again, I wished that Israel was there to enjoy this with him. He went on a tour all by himself. Joaquin was too cool for it, I was too chicken, and there is no way I would let Judah do it!

He had an amazing experience, and told me it was the best day ever! The company also runs a cable car that crosses the gorge, so Judah and I rode to the other side to get to see him up close. (That was enough adventure for me!)

I’m glad he survived and that my anxiety didn’t deter him from the best day ever. If you couldn’t tell, I got the picture package due to my guilty conscience  for not going with him!



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